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Some of the goats we bred shown winning with their new owners



Jordan with Woodclyf Axl and Woodclyf Slash

Axl and Slash went first and second in their class, wethers between 1 and 2 years. Then Axl won Grand Champion Pygmy Wether! All of this excitement happened at the 2013 Hartford Fair! CONGRATULATIONS JORDAN!


Briana with Woodclyf Steve (AKA Bandit)

Also at the Hartford Fair, Briana won first place and Junior Champion Wether then went on to Reserve Grand Champion wether! CONGRATULATIONS BRIANA!

Faith was second in a large junior showmanship class with Joanie

Briana with Woodclyf Bohemian

Briana also placed third in wethers under a year with Bo

Savannah and Faith show off the Grand Champion Pygmy Joanie

Faith and Savannah plus brother Wyatt  had a great day at the Allen County Fair goat show! They had Grand and Reserve Grand Champion, their juniors placed 1-2-3 in their class, senior does were 1-2-3 and both girls placed second in large showmanship classes! Plus they were number one in the dam and daughter class.

The Kesslers had a good show at the Fairfield County fair with Tom and Larry!

Brittany with her herd at the fair.

Faith won Grand Champion Pygmy Doe with Woodclyf Joan Jett at the 2016 Allen County Fair. She also won first in her class with Woodclyf Brienne.