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Woodclyf Diesel

(PGCH Echo Springs Oakley X Echo Springs Millie)

Diesel recieved Reserve Best Wether and Best Wether at the OPGA Shows in Wooster. He was also awarded Best Wether in August at the Indiana State Fair. Diesel is now a Bronze Wether  after winning Best Wether at the Wabash show along with two RBW ribbons. Diesel came home from the NPGA Convention weekend with a RBW ribbon and picked up another at the OPGA show in July. He won another Best Wether ribbon at the Wabash Show in September. 

Diesel is now retired with 4 Best Wether Ribbons and 8 Reserves. He spends his days with his ladies and enjoys life.


Woodclyf Mac

(Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Magpie)

Mac won Best Wether both days at the OPGA July Show!

At Septemberfest he won a Best Wether and a Reserve Best Wether

At one of the Cayuga Shows he was Best Wether

At the October Show 2017 he won Reserve Best Wether both days.

April 2018 Mac won Best Wether at both of the Wapak Pygmy Classic Shows

and Reserve Best Wether at the Spring Fling Show




Woodclyf Trapper John

(Echo Springs Marcus X Burntwood Farms Hallie)

The new kid, TJ, is just starting his show career and so far we do not have a good picture of him.

Coming soon!