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Woodclyf Whitley

(Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Shaylee)





Woodclyf Erika

(3X MC, PGCH GVS Pygmies Carbon X Woodclyf Fern) 


Woodclyf Tinsley

(Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Shaylee)


Woodclyf Wren

(Polk Springs Wendall X Woodclyf Robin)

Wren was Reserve Champion Junior Doe at the Starke Couty Show in September and The OPGA October Show.



Woodclyf Cadence

(GVS Pygmies Caleb X 2x MC, PGCH Woodclyf Lyric) 

Cadence won Junior Champion Doe at the May 2021 Wooster Show and then went on to Reserve Grand Champion!


Woodclyf Pippa

(Woodclyf Maestro X Woodclyf Paislee)