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Pygmy Does Page 2




Echo Springs Julietta

(Echo Springs Brody x Echo Springs Camille)


 Woodclyf Cosette

(Echo Springs Trig X PGCH Woodclyf Bernadette)

Cosette started off "Covid 2020" by wining Senior and Grand Champion at the huge July OPGA show.

At the "May in August OPGA Show" (everything was out of order!) She was Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion.

In Wabash, IN on Labor Day weekend she picked up another reserve senior/ Reserve Grand.

The first day of the Starke County Pygmy Frenzy in September she won Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion AND on the second day she won Senior Champion and Grand Champion! Now she needs to kid before competing to try for her third Grand.

Her son Jason was born on Halloween so now we wait for spring and some shows.


Old Orchard Fey +

(PGCH Fir Meadow Xplorer X Old Orchard Faerie)

Fey Was Reserve Senior CH at the Wapak Classic Show 


Woodclyf Fern

Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Felicity


Woodclyf Bridget

(Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Matty) 

Bridget won Reserve Champion Junior Doe at the Spring Fling Show April 2018

First time out as a senior doe Bridget won Grand Champion Doe at the Wapak Pygmy Classic, April 2019

She won Reserve Champion Senior Doe at the 2019 Indiana State Fair Pygmy Show

Bridget was Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion in NC.