Reference Photos #3

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Photos of goats in our pedigrees but we no longer own them

Burntwood Farms Hallie+

PGCH Fir Meadow Rolling Rock X PGCH Country Sky Simply Dawn

Hallie won reserve junior champion doe at the OPGA show July 17, 2011

She was reserve senior champion doe at the Wabash September Fest weekend in 2013

Sample Photo 1

Woodclyf's Raven

(Kabill's Farm Smarty & Willoway Farm's Grace at Woodclyf)

Raven was Reserve Sr Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the OPGA July Show

One of our early show does, we lost Raven in fall of 2020.

Woodclyf Shaylee

Woodclyf Shaylee

(Spring Vale's Lotsa Mojo X Old Orchard Fey)

Shaylee always had girls, including our first PGCH! She is now retired and working as a beloved showmanship goat for the Wayts family.

Woodclyf Arabella

Woodclyf Arabella

(Old Orchard Weston X Echo Springs Alice)

Arabella is now with Kylie and Jo Harbert. She is being shown and has had some beautiful babies.


Woodclyf Matty

 (Spring Vale's Lotsa Mojo X Woodclyf Magpie)

Matty won Jr Champion Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Doe from the 6 to 9 month class at the October Show 2014

Matty was Reserve Senior Champion doe at the May OPGA Show 2016

Woodclyf Magpie

Woodclyf Magpie +

(Echo Springs Geno X Woodclyf Raven)


Old Orchard Fey +

(PGCH Fir Meadow Xplorer X Old Orchard Faerie)

Fey Was Reserve Senior CH at the Wapak Classic Show