Senior Does

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Woodclyf's Raven

(Kabill's Farm Smarty & Willoway Farm's Grace at Woodclyf)

Raven was Reserve Sr Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the OPGA July Show


Woodclyf Bernadette

(Old Orchard Weston x Woodclyf Shaylee)

Bernadette was Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the OPGA May Show.

At the Indiana State Fair Sunday Show Bernadette won Senior Champion doe and then

was awarded Grand Champion Doe over an entry of 205 does.

At the Cayuga Show Bernie won her second Grand Champion Doe award so now she must stay home until she produces kids in early 2018. 

Bernadette has a beautiful baby girl, Cosette! So once she regains her figure she will be back in the ring!


Woodclyf Matty

 (Spring Vale's Lotsa Mojo X Woodclyf Magpie)

Matty won Jr Champion Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Doe from the 6 to 9 month class at the October Show 2014

Matty was Reserve Senior Champion doe at the May OPGA Show 2016


Woodclyf Magpie +

(Echo Springs Geno X Woodclyf Raven)


Woodclyf Shaylee

(Spring Vale's Lotsa Mojo X Old Orchard Fey)


Woodclyf Lyric

Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Felicity

Lyric was Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the OPGA July Show 2017 

At the Indiana State Fair Saturday Show Lyric was awarded Junior Champion doe over 171 junior does.

At the Septemberfest show in September she was Junior Champion Doe

At Cayuga she won Junior Champion Doe the first show and Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion the third show. 

At the October Show she won Junior Champion doe and Reserve Grand Champion doe 

2018 started out with two reserve Grand Champion Doe awards, one at the Wapak Pygmy Classic and one at the Spring Fling.

At the May OPGA Show Lyric Went Senior Champion and Grand Champion Doe for her first grand after all of those reserves!

At the July OPGA Show she was back to being the bridesmaid winning Reserve Grand Champion doe.