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Does that appear in our pedigrees

Woodclyf Tinsley

DOB:  2/2/2019

Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Shaylee

Woodclyf Carleigh

Echo Springs Beckley X Woodclyf Clarissa

Woodclyf Paislee

Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Shaylee

Reserve Champion Junior Doe - Wapak Pygmy Classic April 2018

Woodclyf Ava

Old Orchard Weston X Woodclyf Amelia Earhart

Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion - Wapak Pygmy Classic 2019

Reserve Senior Champion Doe - May in August Show 2020

Echo Springs Julietta

Echo Springs Brody X Echo Springs Camille

Woodclyf Scout

Echo Springs Trig X Woodclyf Magpie

Woodclyf Amy